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Travel Humor & Inspiration

Read Nadine’s books with a tissue handy.  You will laugh so hard you’ll cry!  You’ll also be inspired to look fearlessly at your own health and happiness, and what measures you’re willing to take in pursuit of it.  I know I was.

Liz thrives on family travel adventures and has arranged (and re-arranged) her work life as needed to pursue those adventures.  Reading her emails is like having a chat with your sister or your best friend…the one who tells it like it is and keeps you laughing along the way.  Also, check out her travel course.  She’s a pro at sustaining long term travel on a budget.

To get started with your travel plan, download my free Travel Dream List worksheet!  I initially shared this pdf in my Let's Get Started post.   Just type in the countries on your bucket list and print this off.  Then post it in a prominent place where you will see it every day!

Practical Help for Extended Travel

Banking and money can be confusing in one country.  Try moving funds between countries without getting ripped off on exchange rate spreads and high fees.  It obviously isn’t free to transfer money between our US and Spanish bank accounts, but with TransferWise it is easy.  Their site is super intuitive and there is full transparency on the cost.  This is the service we currently use after exploring various options.  Let me know if you find anything better and I’ll add it to the list!

Traveling Mailbox is a long-term travel necessity.  Seriously!  I don’t know how I would handle my United States Postal Service mail without this service.  In short, all of our mail is forwarded to a PO Box in North Carolina.  Junk mail is shredded and envelopes are scanned.  I log in and give instructions for what to do with that mail.  Open and scan?  Delete?  Mail it somewhere?  Pay a bill?  It’s like having a Personal Assistant on the cheap with 24/7 access to your Mailbox.

Blogging & Online Income

While on my travel sabbatical, I completed the AWAI Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting. This course provides excellent training and information to get started in freelance writing. Be aware that if you are on their list, you will receive multiple emails per day. Initially, I found this distasteful. However, I have since decided to open and view the offer for 3-5 seconds if it is of interest. If not, I delete the email or move it to a separate folder for sales writing samples.

Having said that, AWAI is an amazing community of passionate, energetic, talented writers and they have supported many freelancers in their journey. I "met" several of their staff and members via a live 14-Day Launch Party. Honestly, they are the nicest, most supportive, enthusiastic cheerleaders you will find!

Start with the Accelerated course. It's hard work but the material is interesting and will apply to almost any style of writing you choose to pursue. If you enjoy this style of writing, you can make a nice living here. If not, use it as a learning foundation and check their other course offerings to find what you love. Also, be sure to connect via their Facebook page and get plugged in with the community. Happy Writing!

SiteGround hosts my blog and performs regular back-ups so I don't have to remember to do it!  They also provide an email account and can be reached via chat if I have questions.  That means I don't have to read millions of pages in an online FAQ or Forum if I need help.

If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars coding and creating a site from scratch, use WordPress!  Personal blogs and businesses of all sizes appreciate the user-friendly themes, plug-ins, and content management capabilities of WordPress.

I use a free site for greater customization and monetization flexibility, but I did have to get my own domain name and host.  I have also worked with some tech-savvy developers to make my site look good and function well.  For those who prefer simplicity and are willing to sacrifice some control and flexibility, the option might work better.

Before getting started, make sure you look at the two options and decide which is best for you.  Either way, WordPress is the way to go, and I am super happy with their platform.  I also love attending WordCamp, which supports a passionate community of online bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Financial Resources

Personal Growth & Improvement

A big "Why" for my travel sabbatical was to reclaim my health after 15 years in Corporate America had taken its toll.  WildFit to the rescue!  Their popular 90-day Quest isn't for the faint of heart.  It is intense but I did the work, and have been thrilled with the results!

Full disclosure: Also check the MindValley website to compare pricing. Some of their course offerings are a little "out there" for me philosophically, but I did sign up for WildFit through them and the experience was very positive. If the MindValley price is the same as going directly through WildFit, I would appreciate it if you use my affiliate link!

However, when I took the class, enrolling through MindValley was a lot cheaper! MindValley does not offer affiliate links for small bloggers like me but I am honest and want you to get the best deal. Shop it...