Welcome, Mid-Lifers!

That isn’t something we hear very often, is it?  Usually, it’s the Baby Boomers who get all the attention, although Millennials are also claiming their share.  But Generation X’ers like me?  We’re like the introverted middle child sandwiched between two extroverts.

Personally, I am here for more of life than that!  And I hope you are, too.

Unfortunately, life can get in the way of our best and boldest intentions.  Between work commitments, continuing education, childrearing, household chores, and general adulting, most of us are living in the rat race.  Add it all up, and it’s an 80-hour workweek.

No wonder we’re tired.

If we were 23 we could take a gap year.  If we were 63 we could retire (maybe!).

But we’re too old for a gap year and too young for retirement.  So what do we do?

We take expensive, distracted, guilty vacations, but the laptop and company iPhone are probably with us "just in case".  One or two weeks is not enough time to really decompress, so we return home feeling like we need a vacation!

Wouldn’t it be great to take a break from all this busyness and travel for a year?  Yes, for the sheer joy of a fresh adventure and to spend quality time with my family!

My heart said “yes,” but my husband said “no way”.  He just didn’t see this as a realistic option.

I persevered and eventually, he came around. We did the planning, plotted the savings, made sacrifices and adjustments, dreamed and despaired, recommitted, and rejoiced.

And in November of 2019, we took that leap of faith and moved to Valencia, Spain!

We lived in Valencia and traveled in Europe for 9 months, so we are proof that a Midlife Escape is possible!

Join me on this journey, and who knows?  You may be inspired to plan your own Midlife Escape!

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