If you feel overworked and overextended and you dream of a travel sabbatical, this is your place!

If we were 23 we could take a gap year.  If we were 63 we could retire (maybe!).

But we’re in the middle.

So what do we do?

We take expensive, distracted, guilty vacations, but only for a week or two at most.  The laptop and company iPhone is probably with us to check on things "just in case".

Meanwhile, work, commute times, household chores, bills, errands, and general adulting responsibilities await our return.  Add it all up and it's an 80-hour workweek.

No wonder we're tired.

Am I alone in questioning if there is a better way?

We love our lives, but we also crave some freedom to stretch and explore, to cast convention aside for a season and hit the open road.

So this site is about you, and me.

Planning, saving for and taking a Midlife Escape to travel for a bit.

Creating a home, wherever in the world that may be.

Finding meaningful work, well-balanced and in just the right amount.

And reflecting on the “thus far” in our lives to make whatever remains the best it can be.

Welcome!  Join me here.

Let’s stay in touch!

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