R.I.P. Midlife Escape

R.I.P. Midlife Escape

My boss found out about my blog today.  It was a stressful day at the office.

Midlife Escape is a blog about saving for, planning, and taking a midlife career sabbatical.  I have been writing under a pen name (Midlife Maggie) for a reason.  I don’t want anyone at work to know about this just yet.

So what happened?  A new compliance guy came to town for our annual review at work.  When he asked if there was a business entity (like an LLC) associated with my blogging activity, I told the truth…Midlife Escape, LLC.

As a mere hobby blogger, I didn’t technically need to disclose an outside business activity at work.  However, I had registered an LLC and tossed a few hundred dollars in a business bank account with dreams of monetizing this someday.  For that reason, I had disclosed it and received approval to write about non-industry related topics of personal interest.  I had never been asked for the name of the blog.  Now the cat was out of the bag!

After the compliance meeting, I quickly called GoDaddy, my host at the time.  Once they (finally) answered the phone, I told them to kill the site and fast!

Unfortunately, it takes time for all the search engines to cycle through the breadth and depth of the internet and update the information.

The wait was gut-wrenching.

I also learned that the first few sentences of my home page would still show up as a summary in some search engines.  The first few sentences call out to those who are feeling overworked and overextended and in need of a career sabbatical.


Be careful what you publish, my friends.  Be very careful.  Nothing published online is ever really permanently deleted as far as my non-techie brain can tell.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming a big dream and sharing it online in a blog.  Actually, it’s really great!

I’m just not ready for everyone at work to know about this and to read such honest self-disclosure as is being shared here.  This whole trip is still months away, and there is a lot that can happen between now and then.  Even as I work towards this goal, there is a part of me that is not 100% certain it will come to fruition.

If I was in Europe, it would be culturally acceptable to take time off for personal and family reasons or to travel for a bit.  There would be open communication so we could all plan accordingly.  In Corporate America?  Uh, not so much.

For now, I will no longer publish anything or market my blog or build an audience, but I will not give up.  I will continue to write, plan and save.  When the time is right, I will Go Live again.

Until then?  R.I.P. Midlife Escape.



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