Let’s Get Started!

Enough ruminating about blah, blah, blah. Enough disclosure of too much personal information to strangers online. It’s time to start planning the trip, the Midlife Escape!

Because I will not be traveling alone, I have asked for input from my husband and kids.

Where shall we go?

We started with the classic brain-dump. I listed all the places we have ever remotely dreamed of visiting, every place that family, friends, and colleagues have visited and raved about. Every gorgeous National Geographic article we have admired, every postcard received, every internet blurb or airline ad we have ever read and thought, “It would be great to go there someday…”

I realize this may seem unrealistic but life is short so we’re having some fun with this! We’ll skinny down the list to “get real” proportions later.

For those who wish to plan your own Escape, grab a notepad or open a fresh document and get started…or feel free to use a sheet from the MLE Notepad.

Need a map?   Need travel information and inspiration?

Join me – let’s make a big, long list!



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