Dreaming is Free

We were getting ready for work this morning and I must have been smiling.

My husband asked what I was thinking as I slid into my nylons and heels. I looked up and said, “I am thinking about our Midlife Escape when I am 50.”

He smiled in amusement and said, “Dreaming is free”.

Since I started writing this blog, I have felt an explosion of personal happiness and peacefulness.  I have felt a shift in my attitude at work and I have become very productive, working with an air of contentment and acceptance of being there.

It isn’t that my gig is a bad one.  Quite the contrary.

I am fortunate to have a career that helps make people’s lives better.  My managers are competent and my co-workers are quality human beings.  My income is growing and I am building a career within a large company that provides excellent benefits.

Overall, I am grateful.

However, a solid professional gig does not quench wanderlust, whose voice only grows louder with age.  Nor does it satisfy the sense that with so much human suffering in the world, I could and should drop a pebble in the pond and make my own small ripples of difference…if only I could free up the time to engage.

Since my children were born, I have had the Bucket List goal of taking 6 to 12 months off work to travel with the family.  I thought this was a totally unique idea at the time and was proud of my originality.

Certain that this brilliance would make me millions, I would blog my way around the world, family in tow.

After further research, I discovered that others have blazed that trail already.  Ego aside, that is actually reassuring.  I am not crazy.

There are various sites dedicated to RTW (round the world) travel with checklists and planning tools.  Some travelers have written books and published content about their more permanent nomadic lifestyles.  Thank you for challenging the rest of us to re-think the boxes in which we have fashioned our lives!

I want to explore the world and to also incorporate an element of service and kindness into our travels.  Perhaps that is due in part to my own regret from not having done so in my 20s and 30s.  Regardless, it is a goal I have had for years and at ages 11 and 13, my daughters are growing up and will be off on their own adventures in a blink.

We have a window of opportunity as a family and I want to take hold of it.

The difference is that I now have more than a dream, more than wishful thinking.  I have a financial goal to work towards and a 50th birthday deadline of November 11, 2019 – my self-proclaimed “Freedom Day” – with a stretch to the end of that school year if necessary.

When I turn 50 I will have money set aside and a travel plan mapped out.  I will have another source of income and that will give us options.

If we sell the house, we can go now.  How tempting that is!

We have sufficient equity in our house but selling it does not feel right to me.  We need wings but we also need roots.  I am not ready to cut the lines completely and I value the sense that while traveling, I will have a home base to ground me.

Also, if we burn up all that equity on a trip, we will have to start over in our 50s.  I want to enjoy the time off and not be worried about a financial hangover when we get back.

The best solution for us is to keep dreaming, for now, and to have patience as we stash the cash to fund our adventures.

We can rent out the house for a year while we’re gone.  Then when it’s time to come back, we’ll click our heels together like Dorothy in her ruby slippers and say “There’s no place like home…”

I have read that people derive as much pleasure from planning a vacation as they do from taking one.

Dreaming is free and is available to all regardless of our position in life.  Dreaming is a secret garden that flourishes inside of us and helps make the present moment richer.

More dreaming is to come and planning along with it.

Dream with me!



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