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My blog’s first paycheck – $5.00!

My blog earned its very first paycheck today…$5.00.



I thought bloggers and online entrepreneurs were making the big bucks.  Show me the money!

I earned $5.00 today and honestly, I’m thrilled.  It means this works.  If I can earn $5.00, I can earn more.

What has been a mere hobby blog now provides the possibility of online entrepreneurship.  And who knows?  I may just grow this into a real, legit business somehow.  Stay tuned, and you can watch me fumble my way through, figure it out, learn and grow.

Midlife Escape is my journey to save for, plan, and take a travel sabbatical.  That will continue, as before.

I will also be building this site out further, creating other companion sites, products, services, and e-Courses.  Aah, the creative juices are flowing and I’m loving these new rose-colored sunglasses.  All because of the five-dollar-bill that will be hitting my PayPal account at any moment!

So where did the $5.00 come from?

I signed up my first affiliate partner, Traveling Mailbox, and they provided a bonus of $5.00 for new accounts.  I personally use and heartily recommend the Traveling Mailbox service.  It is making my USPS mail management so much easier while living in Spain.   If anyone clicks my link on the Resources tab and enrolls in the service, I will be paid a commission.  This is at no additional cost to the subscriber, but it opens a small stream of income to the blogger.

It takes many such streams to make a river, but I have learned to celebrate small victories and today my blog earned $5.00.

By the way, creating and maintaining a blog isn’t free.  Unless of course, you are a graphic designer, content writer, site developer, programmer, social media strategist, SEO guru, accountant, and attorney.  If you can’t do it all (and I definitely can’t) you have to pay a small army of people to do these jobs for you.  The domain name registrar and host would also like to be paid.  And there are other ongoing expenses to keep the shop open.  The biggest of these (currently non-billable) expenses is my time.

So actually, the $5.00 is not a profit.  But it is “earnings” and that makes today a day worth noting.

Honestly, I haven’t even tried to grow an audience yet.  I’m not sure I even know how.  I have simply enjoyed the quiet pleasure of creating something new, telling a story, and learning without the pressure of it having to be perfect.

I need to get the graphics and formatting right, catch up on past blog posts, and build out more content.  The blog is still so…well…novice.  It would be embarrassing for anyone I know to see this!  When it’s “ready” I’ll put the word out.

But no, best-selling author Brené Brown says we should be courageous enough to be vulnerable, so here goes.  I commit to putting the word out, starting with my personal friends and acquaintances.  I also made a new contact today who can help me with social media.

I cringe a little and take a deep breath.  The site isn’t really ready for a big reveal, but oh, well.  Authenticity is in, and we can watch the growth happen together.  I think the real magic will happen when all of you show up and share your wisdom and experience!

As for me, I will continue to share my story, to entertain, and inspire you to also take some risks and live your very best life along with me.

Here’s to my first $5.00…with many more adventures to come!



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